“All About Joel” Billy Joel Tribute Show

“ALL ABOUT JOEL” is a Billy Joel musical tribute performance, conceived and presented with a tremendous amount of detail by the talented Long Island veteran singer/piano player, David Clark

Tickets: $27-30/person

About David Clark's "All About Joel"

David Clark continues to gain attention and popularity across the country with stunningly accurate piano playing, lead vocals, and an eerily similar stage look to the Piano Man himself while engaging the audience with wit and humor.

More About David Clark

Having been a part of the Long Island & NY area music scene since 1985, he has carved out a solid reputation as a piano player, singer, and performer at countless private events and concerts around the northeastern tri-state area and beyond. All of these experiences have led him to the present day – staying connected to his piano/vocal roots and his childhood hero by presenting a tribute to the music he loves, from the very singer/songwriter/performer who inspired and motivated him at the age of 10 years old to pursue a life of music…BILLY JOEL!

This performance was brought to you by the Havre de Grace Arts Collective!

The Havre de Grace Arts Collective is a non-profit organization committed to the furthering of Arts & Entertainment in the local community.