Five Voices in Watercolor Artists’ Statements

Five Voices in Watercolor Artists' Statements

Joanna Barnum
I use watercolor to simultaneously express universal emotional states and the unique spirits of my portrait subjects. I balance experimental, abstract use of media with carefully observed realism. I use masking fluid non-traditionally, in large rough swaths, to “splice” together imagery, often multiple views of the portrait, or combining the portrait with other imagery. My hope is that the viewer may feel a sense of commonality or vicarious catharsis through the emotions conveyed, which include the exploration of female rage as well as more subtle emotions such as mindfulness, nostalgia, and longing. However, it is important to me to also portray my subjects as individuals, rather than generic symbols or decorative objects.

Janet Belich

Matthew Bird
The subject matter of my figure and still life paintings communicate my deep love and respect for nature and life. Some paintings stem from a joy or narrative that is from my own experiences. Other pieces reflect the simple beauty I find in everyday objects composed together. I have focused on developing my craft to capture the beauty of what surrounds me with precision and clarity; and strive to convey that to all people through the universal language of representational art. It is my desire that when others see my work they may be inspired by the perceptible signs of the real Creator.

Kathleen Maling
I am a watercolor artist who is inspired by nature and especially wildlife. My goal is to show the beauty in subjects that may be considered less than beautiful to most people. Color is an important part of the equation for me and I will often use it to exaggerate what I am seeing. Through my work, I invite the viewer to appreciate the wonder and awe in the creatures around us.

Frank Spino
God has given us a totally magnificent and endlessly fascinating world. Inspiration and beauty greet us at every turn. Can I capture one fleeting moment and suspend it forever inside a picture frame? This is my quest. I am called to paint by color and form. I have a deep need to create dimension in my work - to model 3D objects on 2D surfaces. This follows my first love – drawing, though now I am able to model in color what once I could only capture in shades of grey. My art is an attempt to capture with brush and pigment what stirs my soul.