Sue Kase

Ceramics, Sculpture

The artist’s ceramic pieces are inspired by natural landscape and man-made silhouettes of the northern Chesapeake Bay area where the mouth of the Susquehanna River meets the head of the Bay. Oftentimes these pieces are small enough to hold in one’s hand encouraging a more personal experience between an individual and the art object. They are a synthesis of a ceramic vessel with simple sculptural forms. The vessel-like representations sometimes contain manipulable elements furthering personal interaction opportunities. They are wheel thrown and hand-built in combination with experimentation of subtle colors produced by successive oxidation and/or reduction firings of white or buff stoneware with applied matt glazes, underglazes, and slips.

The artist studied ceramics at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia PA. Currently, she lives locally in the rural northern Chesapeake Bay area surrounded by farmland and woods which oftentimes inspire her work.