What are the benefits of the A&E district?

*Property tax credits for renovations that create live-work space or arts and entertainment enterprises
*Income tax subtraction modification for income from artistic works sold by qualified resident artists
*Admissions and amusement tax exemption
Income Tax Subtraction: 
For qualifying artists residing in Maryland. If you create and sell your original artwork within any Maryland Arts and Entertainment District you can be eligible to receive an income tax abatement for the sale of your art.

Exemption from the Admissions and Amusement Tax: Exemption from the Admission and Amusement Tax gross receipts from any admissions or amusement charge levied by an arts and entertainment enterprise or qualifying residing artist in the A&E district

Real Property Tax Credits: Property must be located within the A&E district. Before renovation, property must have been a manufacturing, commercial, or industrial building
The property must be wholly or partially constructed or renovated for use by a qualifying residing artist or arts and entertainment enterprise. The real Property tax credits will be in the following amount over a ten year period: 100% in the first and second year 80% in the third and fourth year 60% in the fifth and sixth year 40% in the seventh and eight year 20% in the ninth and tenth year.

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