Ezra Berger

Graphic Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Video

Art is a language that takes years to speak. I have been painting for over 25 years but it has only been the past couple years that I would consider myself to be fluent at art.
My colors are my trauma, my pain, my hate, my love, my passion, my sex, my desires, my brain, my subconscious. These are at the core of my work.
The public has been very supportive of my work and for I small town, I have been beyond fortunate. People who can't really afford a $400 painting have purchased my work, sometimes multiple paintings. People have brought me cookies and soup when I am out painting late at night. There have been many 6 packs of beer as gifts. I have had many people leave cash. And many people have stopped and talked to me to express they appreciate what I am doing. They have wanted to shake my hand and some people have hugged me and thanked me. It is special to invoke such emotion in people and if there is anything I treasure most about my work it is that.
Recently I took on a large epic mural project for Allen Fair and the future Harmer's Town Art Center. It has taken years and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity. But mostly I realized it allowed me to accomplish my goals as an artist, and that it has been deeply satisfying to feel like I climbed Mt. Everest and survived. I never set out to make a lot of money but I just wanted an opportunity to create original artwork.
Now I can no longer be blinded by my ambition and that has been good. And once the summit of the mountain was reached I felt a calm that I have not felt before. And that has brought me joy and acceptance.
Anyway.... I hope people enjoy my work. I give it everything I have and sometimes I even gave more than I had.

Ezra's work can be seen at Artists' Emporium, Concord Point Coffee, Havre de Grace Opera House, Havre de Grace City Hall, Coakley's, River City Public House