Youth Arts Program

The Havre de Grace Arts Collective offers a variety of low cost or free arts programs for youth and families in our community! Our instructors have a lot of heart and expertise and will guide your child through the workshop while celebrating their unique creative process!

The Havre de Grace Arts Collective may take photographs of attendees of the youth programs for use in promotions on our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram). To authorize your child’s photograph to be used for these purposes, please complete this form and email it to

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Youth Arts Program Feedback

Some comments from parents of participants in the Youth Art classes:

Hello! I love the classes! I always look forward to trying types of art that are new to me. The atmosphere is open and friendly, and I can’t wait to attend more classes

My daughter is 9 years old and she loved Ms. Laura's Northern lights class. We were out of town that weekend but made sure we brought art supplies and a laptop so she could still attend. You couldn't have a better person giving the youth art classes.

My daughter loves these classes. She is 11 years old and in 5th grade. I appreciate you making these classes available to everyone. The teacher is very welcoming and helpful. She can’t wait until next weekend to take the next class! Thank you!

My daughters enjoy all of the art classes offered by the HdG Arts Collective so very much. They don’t want to miss a single one, and they are often asking when the next one will be held! Laura is the perfect teacher. She is so friendly and easy-going. She leads everyone through the process clearly and with pacing that is just right!
We had such a good time doing the gingerbread houses last weekend. I painted along with my daughters, and we really enjoyed the family aspect. We continued painting and adding details after the session
was over. We were having too much fun to stop! Loved seeing how different everyone’s turned out, too!
We can’t thank you all enough for offering these classes.

I love that Laura not only shares visual art projects with the students but also teaches some history and reads poetry while the students are creating. Laura is so calm and inspires the students with her positive attitude and love for the arts. Laura also shares current events that include the arts in Havre de Grace. This class has definitely helped with some of the seclusion my daughter may feel as an only child at home during Covid. Thank you Laura and the Havre de Grace Arts Collective members.

Thank you for sending us your feedback!