Leeny Del Seamonds

Comedy, Music, Theater, Story Performance/Spoken Word/Folk and Traditional Arts

Storytelling is a profoundly powerful tool to teach, entertain and heal. It stimulates listeners’ imaginations through vivid word pictures and physical expression without the aid of electronic media, immersing them in a language-rich environment. In stories, listeners are transported to safe places where they find reflections of themselves in the stories they hear and tell, as they identify with the story characters’ emotions, values, challenges and triumphs, while taking the stories to heart.

The storytelling experience can be profound and personal and is unsurpassed as a tool for learning about ourselves and about the thoughts and feelings of others. It also promotes a sense of community, as families and friends come together to experience the joy and healing power of stories. Together, let’s “LIVE THE STORY Vive el Cuento!”-Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story Performer

Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story Performer, is a multi award-winning, internationally acclaimed performer of Latino, original and World stories and songs spiced with exquisite mime, a cornucopia of characters, and love of people. With a twinkle in her eye and fire in her heart, Leeny breathes life into stories, as she masterfully and effortlessly springs from one story character to another.

A dedicated teaching artist, Leeny encourages listeners to feel positive about themselves and rejoice in human and cultural diversity, inviting them to share in her Latin/Cuban-American sense of humor and love of performing.

Her most recent achievement in growing as a performer is becoming a certified Professional Voice Actor.

Leeny Del Seamonds has over 35 years of stage, film and directing experience in Philadelphia, New York Boston and Maryland. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Leeny graduated magna cum laude from Rowan University and holds a BA in Speech and Theatre/Performing Arts (with a minor in Stage Directing). In New York City, she was trained by and has performed with The Richard Morse Mime Theatre, The Herbert Bergdorf Studio, The Purple Craft Theatre and The Mercer Ballet Company.

Leeny has worked as an actor, director, coach, teacher, author, Voice Actor, and Master Story Performer.  Although she loves all aspects of theatre, Leeny is happiest when performing a tale, for she is best able to utilize mime, acting, singing, writing, vocal and teaching talents. From

1991 to present, Leeny has devoted all of her passion and energies to full-time, professional story performing and Voice Acting.  With passion, fire and wit, Leeny Del Seamonds’ dynamic one-woman shows and renowned workshops headline festivals, concerts and events worldwide.

Leeny is the author of “Techniques to Rule the Stage: Pathways to Command Your Story Performance” and is a recipient of the 2015 National Storytelling Network CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE Award.